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Shipping Policy

UYA Domestic Charges: Within 3 Working Business Day

If the buyer were to purchase the goods in UYA and requires to pay for courier charges, it will be based on the total items he/she had bought which sums up the weight in Citylink Express ( M ) Sdn Bhd system. From there Citylink Express ( M ) Sdn Bhd will use the weight and rates to calculate the charges.

If shipments are light and packed in huge box, Citylink Express ( M ) Sdn Bhd will then use Volumetric Weight calculation etc Golf bags, Tyre, Bean Bag..

Prohibited items

Citylink cannot ship items that are prohibited or require special handling due to exporting country, importing country or items which may cause danger, damage or delay of international shipping, including but not limited to:

Flammable/explosive products:

Perfumes, nail polish & polish removers, essential oil, hairsprays, compressed air, cigarette lighters, paint thinners & removers, printer toner cartridge, lithium battery, gasoline and products containing alcohol.


All forms of drugs, Chinese medicine and slimming products.

Controlled or prohibited products:

Animals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, unprocessed food/meat, (electric) cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol products, arms and explosives, weapons, handcuffs, swords, toy guns, reproduction of copyright materials (books, CD, DVD, magazines), pornographic materials, and counterfeit/replica goods.


The company will NOT ACCEPT the following items for courier such as : Cash ( In any currency ), Cash Cheques, Redeemable Vouchersm Negotiable Instrument ( Share Certificates, Bonds, Etc ), Jewellery/ Precious Metals and stones, Personal Documents ( Identity Cards, Passports,Certificates, Etc ) Works of Art, Firearms/ Explosives, All Combustible/Inflammable Products ( E.G. Paint, Turpentine, Spirit, ETC ), Liquor, Tobacco, perishable foodstuff, any other dangerous or hazardous items and any goods or materails that are prohibited by law, rule or regulation of any country.

Handphones – if you were to send these items singularly it should be fine, however if you were to send it over east malaysia or anyting by flight we are unable to send mobiles or handphones in large quantity as it contains batteries. Example : 1box 1 handphone is fine, 1 box 20 handphones not possible.

In addition, all food items, supplements, cosmetics into singapore requires a import permit that can be applied in singapore MOH (Ministry of Health). The consignee must obtain this.

The same will apply if it was in reverse into Malaysia.

Shipments to singapore will be charged Duty of 7% GST if shipments are more than 400SGD declared value.

Any international shipment requires a proforma invoice which can be obtain online for samples. Basically it is a document to declare the items you will be sending into the respective country. Customs will view the document and proceed if its prohibited or not.

Handphones to Singapore requires a import permit as well. In malaysia import permit to malaysia can be obtained from SIRIM.


Perishable goods, items that may impose contamination to others, magnetic or radioactive materials, goods in powder form. For radio or communication devices which are not approved by IDA, they should be used for exports only.

Food items – basically items that are fresh / meat etc etc.. we can’t carry as it will damage the condition. Food items that we can carry such as’ canned food, has a longer expiry date / shelf life at least 2 years, sealed air tight products.

You will be held responsible and liable if such items are confiscated or abandoned or if there is any extra cost incurred for purchasing and shipping such items.